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One day, the clothes rebelled, and preyed on us… forced to flee underground and live naked, hiding from the light of the sun, humanity could only hope the arrival of their savior, a knight in shining censor bar that would put an end to the tyranny of the fabric.

Embark yourself in a retro style frenetic adventure along different places, from the burning slopes of a volcano to the icy peaks of the north!

Defy unforgiving and powerful bosses that will test everything you've learned, unlock extras and customize the NakedMan to the absurd!

Would you be able to unravel the mistery behind this rebellion, and put an end once for all, or will you fall on your knees by a raging towel?

Your epic naked begins now!

--------------This is just the DEMO--------------

You will be able to play the first world, it's two levels and the frenetic final boss!

In order to Access the rest of the levels, unlockeables and secret levels, purchase the complete versión!


Un día, la ropa se reveló, y nos convertimos en su presa… obligados a huir bajo tierra y vivir desnudos, escondidos de la luz del sol, la humanidad solo podía esperar la llegada de un salvador, un caballero de resplandeciente barra de censura que pusiese fin a la tiranía de la tela.

¡Embárcate en una frenética aventura con aire retro a través de varios lugares diferentes, desde las ardientes laderas de un volcán hasta las heladas cumbres del norte!

¡Desafía a poderosos bosses que pondrán a prueba todo lo aprendido hasta el momento sin perdonar un error, desbloquea extras y personaliza al NakedMan hasta lo absurdo!

¿Serás capaz de desentrañar el porqué de la rebelión de la ropa, y ponerle fin de una vez por todas, o caerás en el intento ante una toalla desbocada?

¡Tu desnuda épica comienza ahora!

--------------Esto es una versión DEMO--------------

Podrás experimentar el primer mundo, sus dos niveles y su frenético boss final

Para adquirir el acceso completo al resto de niveles, desbloqueables y secreto ocultos deberás adquirir la versión completa!

Install instructions

Download the .exe and open it, that simple!

(If there's any trouble, try to open it as admin)


Nakedman Demo 141 MB


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Gave it a go...

Wow, you're good, goddam!

The whole demo in under 10 minutes for a first try is neat!

About the fps; we've tested the game in sooo many pc's, yet no one reported that, but we're going to work on it right now!

(Could you please tell us your pc specifications, please?)

Thank you very much, don't mind if we post your video on our social media, right?

I appreciate the positive words. And no, I don't mind if you guys post the video anywhere. Also, I'll have my PC specs up for you soon. Bless!